How to use Google's Business Messaging tool to get new customers

When customers require a company, product, or service, they turn to Google. In fact, 70 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine, with Google accounting for more than 92 percent of those searches. But today's leading businesses aren't merely discovered; they engage with Google Messaging the moment they are discovered. Learn how to use Google Messaging as an indispensable business tool.

How to read & reply to messages from your Business Profile

Your customers can get in touch with you in real-time from your Business Profile on Google. You can answer questions, tell your story, and attract more customers to your business. Chat works best as a conversation between your business and your customers. To ensure the best experience for your customers, follow the chat guidelines.s.

How it works

Once you turn on chat, customers will find a "Chat" button on your Business Profile and will be able to message you at any time.

Respond promptly

The following requirement is for any business that uses messages on their Business Profile. When you receive a new message, you should reply within 24 hours. This may promote trust and encourage engagement with your business. To support timely responses, we may deactivate messages for your business if you don’t respond within the time frame.

SalesCaptain is there to rescue

SalesCaptain has deep integration with Google Messaging and other popular messaging apps, getting you to respond to messages as soon as they arrive with our mobile app for faster & easy accessibility. Define automation & make use of Captain AI for a quicker and appropriate response without investing any time or effort and never miss a lead again. Learn more about SalesCaptain and its product offerings by booking a demo.

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500+ Reviews