Should it be a call or a text?

Should I call or send a text? How do you determine the mode of communication to employ? Check out the advice shared in this article.

The answer to the question "should I text or call my customers?" depends on the circumstances. Despite the fact that we live in an overwhelmingly pro-text society that operates primarily through messaging as the preferred mode of communication, phone calls continue to be a mainstay for connecting with friends, family, and even businesses.

Texting and calling each have their place, and it is crucial to your customer relationships that you know when to use each. While texting or calling a customer may not prevent a broken heart as it does in romantic relationships, it can prevent a broken customer relationship and provide the means to take things to the next level. Ready for the inside scoop on how to convert a "casual fling" into a "lifetime customer"? We are here to assist.

When to Text?

With over 4 billion smartphones in the world, it is easy to say that texting has taken over and reigns supreme. It caters to the modern consumer in an asynchronous, individualised, and liberty-promoting manner that enables casual conversations, quick fixes, and quick updates. However, do not crown it the king of all too quickly. Text can increase the likelihood of miscommunication and failure to resolve more complex issues because it does not allow for intonation, nuance, or longer messages.

Text should be used for most of the things. While you can make up for some nonverbal cues with punctuation and emojis, it is best to use text for straightforward and simple messages with a personal touch. Employ text to:

When to Call?

When the problem is serious or when a meaningful conversation is required, a phone call is preferable to texting. It is true that phone calls have an undeniable influence. When it comes to significant matters, you must always call. There is no alternative to the human voice. When nonverbal cues, nuance, and intonation are crucial to the success of an interaction, calling is an excellent option. Depend on call when necessary:

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