Add services to your Google Business profile

Adding services to your Google Business Profile can help customers discover more information about your company in search results. When it comes to your local SEO strategy, you should not overlook the importance of a Google Business Profile, and your services list is one of the most important elements of your profile. As its name implies, this feature allows you to list the services your company provides.

How Listing Services Impact a Google Business Profile

Utilizing the services feature is a no-brainer for local businesses, as it allows prospective and existing customers to view the services you offer. This assists them in choosing between your company and a competitor.

Listing your services also helps you appear in search results for local customers. In conjunction with the use of geolocation keywords and other Google Business Profile best practices, this is an efficient method for attracting new customers.

Additionally, you must note that you have complete control over your Google Business Profile. In other words, you are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information. This indicates that you can (and should) verify that none of your essential services are missing from the list. Keeping this in mind and ensuring that the services listed in your profile are regularly updated is vital if you run a business that regularly revises its services.

Add or edit your services

Businesses can list their services on their Business Profile on Google. This feature is available to all services businesses.

How the services editor works

In your Business Profile, you may get an option to add the services you offer, along with their descriptions and prices. If your business has multiple categories, group services together into sections under the appropriate category to keep your services organized.When local customers search on Google for a service you offer, that service may be highlighted on your profile. Customers on mobile devices can also find all your services under "Services."

Add or edit services on Business Profile

One of the most fundamental aspects of managing a Twitter account for a small business is responding to mentions. This relates to both customer service and reputation management. Responding to mentions demonstrates that you care about your followers and value their opinions.

Remember to respond to current and potential customers regardless of how they contact you. While some will mention you in a tweet, others will send you a direct message. However, remember that you are free to choose the mode of communication you prefer. You can, for instance, choose to respond to mentions within the feed. You may also choose to respond to all correspondence via direct message (DM).

Consider making a quick response in the feed if you respond to tweets and mentions via direct message, saying "We'd love to continue this conversation in DM. We sent you a message," or similar wording. This will indicate to everyone who views the interaction that you have responded.

Share Content Generated by Users

Explore sharing user-generated social media posts about your brand. This method of social media management reduces the need to create your own posts while optimizing existing brand-related posts.

Keep track of trending hashtags

Using hashtags to participate in a conversation is one of the greatest features of Twitter. Twitter facilitates staying current by displaying exactly what is trending at any given time. Utilize this feature for community building and give the impression that a real person is running the platform.

Create Value on the platform for your followers

You want each of your Tweets to add value to the feeds of your followers. This may be accomplished by delivering news, educating the audience, entertaining them, or advancing an idea. Adding value will assist you in retaining followers.

Twitter is an essential part of any social media marketing plan. You can use it to reach your target audience and boost your branding. For the best results, combine your Twitter use with other social media platforms. The more channels you’re on, the easier it is for customers to reach you on the channel they prefer.

Add or edit services on Business Profile

Service businesses can choose from suggested types of services. For example, plumbers may get "Install faucet" or "Repair toilet" as services to add. If the type of service isn't listed, you can add your own custom services.

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