Add products to your Google Business profile

Adding products to your Google Business Profile can help customers discover more information about your company in search results. When it comes to your local SEO strategy, you should not overlook the importance of a Google Business Profile, and your product list is one of the most important elements of your profile. As its name implies, this feature allows you to list the products your company provides.

How Listing Products Impact a Google Business Profile

Utilizing the product listing feature is a no-brainer for local businesses, as it allows prospective and existing customers to view the services you offer. This assists them in choosing between your company and a competitor.

Listing your products also helps you appear in search results for local customers. In conjunction with the use of geolocation keywords and other Google Business Profile best practices, this is an efficient method for attracting new customers.

Additionally, you must note that you have complete control over your Google Business Profile. In other words, you are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information. Ensure that the product listing in your profile are regularly updated if you run a business that regularly revises its offerings.

About Product Editor & Product Catalog

The Product Editor allows merchants to build a presence on mobile and the computer to showcase their products and drive customer interactions. Customers will see a more curated showcase of a store’s products on the Business Profile Products tab on mobile, or the Product Overview module on the computer.

Items added through the Product Editor appear in Business Profiles on the computer and mobile version of Google Search.

Who it's available for

The Product Editor is for small- and medium-sized individual businesses. All categories of businesses, except for a few verticals, can use the Product Editor to showcase their products to potential customers. The Product Editor will not affect the use of the Popular Dishes features. To showcase their items, businesses in the dining vertical can add them as popular dishes or use the menu editor. If you’re a larger chain, you can provide data about the products you sell and their availability through Local Inventory Ads.

Tip: In the US, CA, UK, and IE, eligible retailers can add their in-store products to their Business Profile automatically with Pointy. Learn how to add products with Pointy.

How it works

Important: Recently edited products and categories display first in the Product Catalog. To showcase a product, make a minor update to the item to bring it to the top of the catalog.

To make sure all customers using search on the computer or a mobile device see your products, add your products through the Products tab in the Business Profile Manager.

Retail merchants can use the Product Editor to upload products to their Business Profile. To learn more about the products you offer, customers can click the products in your Product Catalog and “From Product Posts” carousels. Customers can also engage with your business.

If you have a menu or services list provided by a third-party, adding an item to the Product Catalog will cause the menu or services list to be deleted. You can recreate your menu or services list through the Menu or Services Editor in the Business Profile Manager.

Add a product on Google Search

Important: You cannot add a product via Google search in the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, or Turkey. You can still manage your products through the Business Profile Manager in these countries.

Important: You cannot add a product via Google search in the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, or Turkey. You can still manage your products through the Business Profile Manager in these countries.

Your recently edited products and related categories will appear first in the product list. It may take a few minutes for the products you add or edit to appear. We recommend you wait a few minutes and refresh the page after making changes.

How customers view your products

When customers search your Business Profile on Google Search with their computer, mobile device, or Google Maps app, they can find:

The "Products" tab has 2 carousels: “From Product Posts” and “Product Catalog.” The “From Product Posts” carousel will display the products that you highlighted through product posts and won’t be available on the computer. The Product Catalog carousel will display the product categories that you’ve added. The “Products Catalog” Carousel may be placed in a different section of the search results page.

With the “Products” tab, customers can:

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